Who are invited to join this conference?

Esteemed experts and scholars hailing from diverse realms of expertise, including but not limited to engineering, technology, and science, are cordially invited to showcase their groundbreaking research and impart their invaluable experiences within the dynamic realms of chemical engineering and biotechnology industries. This conference serves as a collaborative platform where innovative ideas intersect and knowledge seamlessly transcends disciplinary boundaries.

We extend a warm invitation to passionate researchers from every corner of Malaysia and enthusiastic participants from across the globe to actively engage in this enriching gathering. Whether as articulate oral communicators, esteemed research paper presenters, eager participants, or distinguished speakers, your presence is pivotal to fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and fostering collaborative efforts.

Anticipating a robust turnout, we expect a total of 150 participants to grace this conference with their presence. Let us collectively embark on a journey of intellectual exploration, forging connections, and contributing to the advancement of chemical engineering and biotechnology industries on a global scale. Your involvement will undoubtedly enhance the depth and diversity of discussions, making this conference a resounding success.