Interesting Places To Visit in Putrajaya

Explore the vibrant sights and sounds of Putrajaya between sessions at ICCEIB 2024. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and fascinating attractions that this dynamic city has to offer. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, there's something for every participant to discover and enjoy during their time here.
The principle mosque of Putrajaya, the Putra Mosque is one of the major landmarks of Malaysia. Facing the Putrajaya Lake, the rose-tinted building with Arabic-Islamic architecture is famous as the "Pink Mosque".
The IOI City Mall is an all-in-one lifestyle and entertainment center situated within IOI Resort City, Putrajaya. Being the largest mall in South Klang Valley, its four story building houses over 350 outlets of shopping brands, eateries and convenience stores.
Putrajaya Botanical Garden is the biggest botanical garden in Malaysia located in the northern section of Precint 1. Locally referred to as Taman Botani, it is a haven for nature lovers and avid cyclists and serves as a perfect picnic spot.
The Putrajaya Lake, located right at the heart of city, is one of the biggest man-made lakes of Malaysia. Spanning across a huge area of 650 hectares, it is popular the water sports, and recreational activities.
Alamanda is a shopping and entertainment centre situated at Precinct 1. Touted to be the biggest mall in Putrajaya, it houses an exclusive range of over 160 brand stores.
Spread across Seri Wawasan Bridge is one of the most prominent bridges in Putrajaya, known for its futuristic style of architecture. It is marvelously designed as a sailing ship and looks stunning at night with a vibrant display of colors.
Seri Perdana, located in Presint 10, Malaysia is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
The Putrajaya Wetlands Park, also known as Taman Wetlands, is well known as the largest artificially constructed freshwater wetlands. The park itself spreads across a large area of 138 hectares and houses some of the rarest indegenous species of flora and fauna growing in this region.
Perdana Putra is the office complex of the Prime Minister of Malaysia located on top of the main hillock of Putrajaya. It stands proudly as a symbol of prosperity, growth, harmony and rich heritage of the nation.
The second National Monument to be built in Putrajaya, the 68 meter tall Millennium Monument is located on a 25 hectare park in Precinct 2. It looks like a huge pencil from standing from a distance and on viewing it from above, it looks like a hibiscus flower
Putrajaya Equestrian Park is a 70-acre equestrian centre located in Precinct 5. The park features a polo field, a grandstand, paddock, dressage arena and is home to a number of ponies and horses.
Marina Putrajaya, formerly known as Maritime Centre, is a leisure and sports complex situated by Putrajay Lakeside at Precinct 5. The complex is a popular extreme water sports & training centre for sports enthusiasts.
The Putrajaya Bridge, popularly known as the Putra Bridge, is the main city bridge located in Presint 2 in Putrajaya. It is the longest bridge in Putrajaya with a total length of 435 meters connecting the Heritage Square to the Convention Center.
Putrajaya Challenge Park is touted to be the largest indoor climbing gym located in Precinct 5. It is a 30-hectare park containing the best of the extreme park facilities in South Asia.
Moroccan Pavilion located in Putrajaya is a fine replica of the palaces in Morocco, designed with the objective of cultural exchange between Malaysia and Morocco. The locals call it Astaka Morocco.
Anjung Floria located in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman is one of the most beautifully designed gardens in Malaysia. Pebbled paths, mini bridges and lush vegetation sprout throughout the garden alongside the incredibly vibrant range of flowers.
Taman Warisan Pertanian, or Agriculture Heritage Park, is an agricultural heritage park located at Presint 16 in Putrajaya. With an eclectic range of tropical fruits and over 180 crops, the agricultural park is frequented by those interested in horticulture.
Sky Rides Festival Park in Putrajaya is a one of its kind amusement park located in Presint 2. You can also take a ride on Malaysia's first and the largest tethered helium balloon here and enjoy panoramic views up in Putrajaya's skyline.
Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque is the largest and the second principal mosque in Putrajaya. It looks soul-stirring as it stands majestically in the vicinity of the beautiful Poudre Lake which makes it a must-visit for the tourists and pilgrims.
Cruise Tasik is one of the most prominent attractions in Putrajaya operating in Malaysia’s famous man-made Putrajaya Lake. Sail through their AC cruises and Perahu boats with various packages booked near the Putrajaya Café or from various resorts nearby. You can also get a romantic getaway with the love boats and romantic dinner packages on the cruise.
China Malaysia Friendship Garden is an alluring Chinese- style garden situated in proximity to Seri Saujana Bridge. It is graced with bonsai trees, pagoda, rocks and ponds. There are also stones decorated all over the garden and some Chinese calligraphy and artwork too.
Palace of Justice or Istana Kehakiman is a grand palace located in the administrative capital of Malaysia, Putrajaya. It is a masterpiece with the essence of Islamic, Moorish, Palladian and Neoclassicism style together. It is famous for its grand facet designed in the Islamic way with beautiful domes and minarets as the main attraction.
Putrajaya Convention Centre, located in Precint 5 of Putrajaya, is a pre-eminent convention center and meeting venue established in 2004. An iconic landmark, it is designed like a flattened alien spaceship which makes it a popular passing-by point for the tourists. It is worth cruising past for the panoramic view of the surroundings.
Located in Putrajaya, the Natural History Museum gives a deep insight into the natural Malaysian heritage. The museum houses a ginormous variety of plant, animal, rock, fossil as well as mineral specimens. Interesting facts and trivia of these species are also displayed inside the museum.
Gunung Nuang or Mount Nuang is a mountain peak in the Titiwangsa mountain range of Malaysia bordered by Pahang and Selangor on each side. Itis the second highest peak in the Selangor region and 86th highest peak in Malaysia. It is famous for hiking and camping with three different campsites in the path.
To pay homage to the Malaysian military dead in wars, the National Heroes Square of Putrajaya in Malaysia as a war memorial was formed. Also known as Dataran Pahlawan Negara in Malay, the National Heroes Square comprises the main square, Malayasian War Memorial Pavilion, and the famous Malaysian Armed forces and Police Museum.